How it Works

In the new reality we're living through there are no art shows, no gigs and much less walk in traffic for local businesses or charities to make their merchandise available and known. So we've created this platform to make that happen.

We've got 2 ways we're doing things.

Many of the creators we work with already have some existing merchandise. In those cases we work through a consignment agreement. We partner with the individual or group to make their items available through the platform.

On the other hand many have an idea that they'd like on a shirt or on some other merchandise. In those cases we work under a Use of Idea arrangement. Utilizing an on demand system it allows our partners to get their brand out there without the up front cost of purchasing stacks of items they can only hope to sell. It allows them to offer different varieties of idea, style and color that they wouldn't normally have them means to make available... at the same time, leaving them to continue to be creative in their specific area of expertise and not having to jump into the weeds of figuring out the production and distribution side of things.

We take care of that and split the proceeds.

The idea is to continue building this central platform while assisting in the growth of local creation... and have fun doing it!

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy what you find!



Fat Dave (Dave Dodds)