Collection: Dairee Delite

Proudly serving Brantford since 1953

Dairee Delite has served ice cream treats for more than 60 years. From ice cream cones to banana splits, strawberry shortcakes to frozen cakes, Dairee Delite is a must-visit landmark in Brantford, ON.

The original ice cream stand – known as Koster’s Cream-EEE-Freeze – was built in 1953, and was located on Brant Ave at Bedford St until 1965.

In 1965, the ice-cream stand was moved next to King George Road, setting up shop in the Brantford Mall parking lot, and changing names to the current Dairee Delite.

As the story goes, the ice cream stand was offered as part of a poker game where it changed hands not once, but twice. The second time it changed hands, the winner had the stand moved from the Brantford Mall parking lot to its current location in the Home Hardware plaza on St. Paul Avenue.

Stop by and see why people from all over make a visit to Dairee Delite a family tradition.