Fat Dave is the result of an idea that's been churning in my mind. It's come together and solidified to this platform.

What is Fat Dave you ask? Well it's deeper than just a business idea. It's a community idea to me. I'm a Brantford guy, have been since I was 2. I grew up here, learned here, screwed up and learned more. It's where my wife Tracey and I raise our kids. It's home.

From all that living here, despite the bad press we get from time to time I've learned we have a great depth. We have fantastic musicians, there are visual artist who can make us think, laugh and feel and then there are the independent iconic businesses present in the forefront of so many memories of growing up. 

We're living in a new world though, one where many of these folks don't have their normal avenues of distribution. That's where Fat Dave comes in, we're here to help these folks get their creativity out, to become a central platform of distribution for them.

The goal of Fat Dave is to work with these artist, musicians and businesses to get to their ideas in your hands and hearts... while having some fun building a brand to do it with.

So if you're still here or have moved off and want a part of home, we're for you.

Have a look through the catalog, you'll find something cool and won't notice you're grinning until it's already happened.



Fat Dave (Dave Dodds)