Collection: All Over The Map Studios

Hi! I’m Louise, I’m from Kitchener and I am the owner of All Over the Map Studios. I am generally a one woman show, in charge of research, design, marketing, branding and distribution. I create typographic neighbourhood, county and country maps, guaranteed to add a touch of fun and a sense of community to any space. 

For my city maps, I research the unique layout of each city - both its boundaries and neighbourhoods - using city planning maps, real estate boundaries and tourism offices. I then set to work on my Mac to accurately plot the map and create visual interest through font orientation and sizing. Once designed, I generally print them on high-quality paper to create art prints, but am very excited to be partnering with Fat Dave to offer them as t-shirts for the first time!

The first map I ever designed was Kitchener, wanting it for myself; very proud to call K-town home. I love that the 200+ maps I’ve designed over the past 7 years allow people to display this same proud sense of place. I love the conversations that my maps ignite. I love talking to people about the places they’ve lived and the cities they’ve travelled to - places that have shaped who they’ve become. 

I also love that they allow people to give unique gifts that feel so personal and thoughtful to their recipients.

All Over The Map Studios